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An Unofficial Dave Davies Solo Tour FAQ
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Dave at City Winery Chicago, Nov. 12, 2014

Tom Currier on bass
Jonathan Lea

Tom Currier on bass
Tom Currier

Tom Currier on bass
Dennis Diken

Updated: 17-OCT-2019   

The Songs

On Dave's tours, he plays a cross-section of the material he's performed over the years, drawing from his own solo work and Kinks material. The songs that he has selected seem to be his strongest songs, and his "particular favorites." These have included:

All Day and All of The Night 
Beautiful Delilah
Big Sky
Climb Your Wall
Come On Now
Come To the River
Cradle To the Grave
Creepin' Jean 
David Watts
Dead End Street 
Death Of A Clown 
Father Christmas
Fortis Green
The Front Room 
Funny Face
Flowers in the Rain
Gallon Of Gas Blues (instrumental intro)
Get Back In The Line
Groovy Movies
Healer (by Mash)
Healing Boy
Hold My Hand
I Am Free
I Need You 
I'm Not Like Everybody Else 
Imagination's Real
I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter
I'm On An Island
In You I Believe
It Ain't Over Til It's Done 
It's Too Late
I Will Be Me
Johnny Thunder
Karaoke King
King Bee
Last of the Steam-Powered Trains
Lincoln County
Little Queenie
The Lie 
Listen to Me (Buddy Holly)
Little Green Amp 
Living On A Thin Line 
Long Tall Shorty
Love Gets You
Look Through Any Doorway
Love Me 'Til the Sun Shines
Milk Cow Blues
Mindless Child of Motherhood
My Way (by Eddie Cochran)
No More Mysteries
Nothin' More to Lose
One Night With You
Path is Long
Party Line
Picture Book
(Please Help Me) I'm Falling
Remember the Future
Ripping Up Time 
Rock You, Rock Me 
See My Friends 
Set Me Free
She's Got Everything 
Slum Kids
Some Enchanted Evening
Soothe Sayer
Susannah's Still Alive 
Take Me to the River
There is No Life Without Love
This Man He Weeps Tonight
Tired of Waiting  
Till The End Of The Day 
True Phenomenon
Too Much on My Mind
Unfinished Business 
Where Have All The Good Times Gone? 
Who's Foolin' Who? 
Wicked Annabella
You Really Got Me 
You're Lookin' Fine
Young and Innocent Days 

A typical set consists of 16 to 20 of these songs.


Q: So, he doesn't play "Lola???"

A: No. No Lola!

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